Investigator: Viola Lias Conover

Facility: St. Lukes Medical Center

Patient Code: # B

Date of Study: 7/96 - 10/98

The patient was a 48 year old with hypothyroidism, chronic venous insufficiency and a superficial left medial ankle venous stasis ulcer measuring 3 cm x 4 cm. There was also peri-wound skin irritation and heavy perspiration. The area was weepy and very erythematous with mild pain. This patient was very active in biking and walking several miles per day.

From 7/96-12/96, unsuccessful methods of management were foam dressing, unna boot and a hydrocolloid. The treatment was changed on 12/13/96 to daily dressing changes with Calmoseptine Ointment saturated 4x4's to the ulcer. Sween Cream was applied to the dry peri-wound skin. The ankle was wrapped with kerlix wrap and a light compression device (Jobs), was applied. The area was healed by 8/15/97. It was noted that when this treatment was discontinued the area would begin to breakdown within one month. The area remains healed as of 2/19/99.

Left Leg, # B, 12/13/96 


Left Leg, # B, 6/20/97 

DAY 188

Left Leg, # B, 8/15/97 

DAY 244