Investigator: Terry Crawford, RNET

Facility: Queen of the Valley Hospital Home Care, Napa, CA

Patient Code: M.D.

Date of Study: 6/8/99 - 10/5/99

The patient was a 38 year old quadriplegic with a one-year history of urinary peristomal erosion. This erosion started out to be less than 1 cm and kept enlarging until it was 11 cm x 10.5 cm with a second wound inferior to the peristomal wound. Previous methods of management included the use of an appliance, Iodoflex and Calcium Alginate without success.

The urostomy appliance was discontinued on 6/8/99, a 22 Fr Foley Catheter was inserted into the stoma and secured with Montgomery straps. Calmoseptine Ointment was applied to the wound and peristomal area once daily and covered with a dry dressing. There was much improvement within one month and the area was totally healed by 10/5/99. The patient was also pain free.