Investigator: Melanie Kingsbury RN

Facility: Morning Star Home Health Care

Patient Code: # 293

Date of Study: 6/12/99 - 9/6/99

The patient was a 4 year old with chronic respiratory failure and Jeune's syndrome with Thoracic Dystrophy. The patient also had a tracheostomy and was partially ventilator dependent. A gastrostomy tube was in place for feedings. Feeding tube site leakage was chronic causing constant excoriation of the skin around the tube. The painful excoriation measured approximately 3/8 inch around the tube. Previous methods of management included nystatin powder, bacitracin, and A&D ointment.

Calmoseptine Ointment was applied twice daily starting on 6/12/99 and covered with a small piece of gauze (after cleansing gently with mild cleanser and water). The patient was pain free by 6/19/99 and the lower edge of the skin was healed by 6/26/99. The skin continued to improve until total healing was achieved by 9/6/99.