Investigator: Mary Beaty, RNET

Facility: Pomona Community Hospital, Pomona, CA

Patient Code: H.W.

Date of Case Study: 8/7/88 - 8/23/88

The patient is an 89 year old female admitted to an acute care facility with necrotic feet. She had two amputations; one above the knee on the left leg and one below the knee on the right leg. Her age and immobility were contributing factors to her deteriorating condition. She had continuous fecal and urinary incontinence. The excoriated area also developed a stage II draining pressure ulcer and was extremely painful. The total affected skin area was 8" x 8". Calmoseptine was applied 3-4 times daily to the perineal area. The area was healed within 13 days. Pain was relieved within 2 days of application.